• How to enrol your child
  • Our Fees
  • Family Handbook
  • Getting your school on board

How to enrol your child

Simply click on the the link below to download a PDF Enrolment Pack:
.Outside School Care – NT Enrolment Form July 2023

Complete, sign and return a copy of the Pack to our email address, and we will contact you. Alternatively, hand in a completed Pack to one of our Site Directors.

Parent Handbook

Our Parent Handbook outlines to Parents all the things you need to know about how our services run in a concise, easy to read way. Family Handbook (Updated July 2023).

Our Fees – Eff MONDAY 17th JULY 2023

After School Care (ASC) : $32.00 (with bus pick up $40.00)

After School Care (Half Day from 12 noon) : $44.00

BeforeSchool Care (BSC) : $19.50 (with bus pick up $25.50)

Vacation Care (VAC) : $68.00

Vacation Care (VAC) : $76.00 Incursion of Excursion Day

The exact amount that you will pay as a GAP fee will depend upon your own circumstances (i.e. level of income, number of children).


Getting your school on board

Are you looking for after school care for your child , but their school doesn’t offer it? 

If you’d like us to be considered for the provision of after school, before school or vacation care services then download our “Parent Petition“, get it signed by some like minded parents and ask your School or School Council to contact us directly.

Download a copy of the Parent Petition here.